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Cylinder Head AMG (M139)

Cutaway cylinder head from Mercedes AMG (M139) with double injection These are clearly visible: Direct injection Manifold injection..

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Automotive Lock-out Trainer 2.0

Note: This product is intended for beginners. For working under real high voltage and diagnosing numerous high voltage faults, choose the Automotive H..

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Automotive Charging Test Adapter

Powerful test adapter for convenient, workshop-standard measurements of the charging system on high-voltage vehicles. Designed in a stable metal housi..

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T-Varia Basic Equipment Generator T-Varia Basic Equipment Generator

With this modular system, original automotive generators can be operated with three different controller types. The generator control system panel pro..

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Teaching Model Dashboard AUDI A6 Teaching Model Dashboard AUDI A6

The model consists of an original Audi A6 dashboard with: Dashboard with instrument cluster and electric ignition lock Airbag - driver and passeng..

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Training Vehicle Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The training vehicle Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a full hybrid with 74 kW system power. The reconditioned vehicles with first registration from 2010 have a..

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Model board: Two-wheel technique

Cutaway model Model-board: two-wheel technique This model board enables a comparison of car engine components and two-wheel technique. The following c..

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Hybrid Car (TOYOTA Prius 3), cut-away model with LED lamps Hybrid Car (TOYOTA Prius 3), cut-away model with LED lamps

This is a cut-away model of automobile chassis called "Hybrid System Car". The model is sectioned to show its component parts and operation mechanism...

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Running engine VW (MPI / TSI / TDI) Running engine VW (MPI / TSI / TDI)

Individual engine training rig VW engine OBD, set up on a frame of an aluminium profile with large castors as well as all original components. Rotatin..

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Diesel Injection System - TDI (VW) - proline Diesel Injection System - TDI (VW) - proline

With this teaching and training rig with common rail piezo injection technology all functions and processes, errors and measuring values can be demons..

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Automotive Bus Systems Basics Trainer

This system is specifically designed to teach basics of bus technology. It is ideal for introduction into networked systems in modern vehicles. It has..

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Training Car MPI / TSI / TDI Training Car MPI / TSI / TDI

This training car is a great educational tool that allows students to learn the components of the system, air conditioning system, ABS / ESP system, S..

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