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Automotive Charging Test Adapter

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Automotive Charging Test Adapter

Powerful test adapter for convenient, workshop-standard measurements of the charging system on high-voltage vehicles. Designed in a stable metal housing suitable for workshops, lockable. Mechanical-electrical locking ensures safe use. Safety measuring sockets with original voltage but greatly reduced current. All leads available as measuring points for voltage, current and signal measurement.

  • At a glance
  • Learning content
  • Charging modes, charging power
  • Connectors and charging currents
  • Checking the charging voltage
  • Checking the charging current
  • Testing the charging communication
  • Insulation test of the charging equipment
  • Checking the charging plug interlock
  • Signals at the virtual neutral point
  • Equipment
  • Design in stable metal housing suitable for workshop use with two lateral handles, lockable.
  • Cable loops for current measurement for L1, L2, L3, N - accessible for current measuring clamp
  • Original charging socket for charging cable 32A
  • All plug pins led out as measuring sockets in safety design
  • Artificial star point
  • Mechanical-electrical interlock switch
  • Cable with original charging plug 32A, min. 2m long

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