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Automotive High Voltage Safety Trainer

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Prototype: This new device will be delivered from summer 2020!

Innovative laboratory trainer for safety in handling HV vehicles. With this flexible system for electro-mobility you can safely train different manufacturer methods of unlocking. In addition, fault switching, insulation testing and equipotential bonding measurements with workshop measuring equipment are possible.


  • Original maintenance plug
  • Clear representation of the components and circuit with coloured imprint
  • 5 inch touchscreen display for control and display of all information, multilingual
  • error circuit with 10 practical work orders. Diagnostic mode for troubleshooting.
  • Insulation test: motor U V W, air conditioning A/C + -, battery HV + - (orange cable with shielding, an additional cable for fault simulation)
  • Potential equalization measurements on all individual components
  • Special mode for measuring the PWM inverter output signal under voltage
  • Use with real 202 V (below -10mA) or 20.2 V low voltage
  • original maintenance plug, base lockable with padlock, pilot line measurable
  • Extensive documentation. Digital worksheets Electude E-Learning System available

Learning content

  • Apply safety rules: Unlock (various methods), secure against restarting, determine that no voltage is present, log work steps
  • Carrying out insulation tests and equipotential bonding measurements with workshop measuring instruments
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis


  • Laboratory trainer in a desk housing for use on the table or in the DIN-A4 support frame
  • 5 inch touch screen display with multilingual control software, 2 xkey switch, original maintenance plug
  • 5 x ground contact points for potential equalization, 2 x sockets for power supply with 12 VDC
  • 23 x connection sockets for measuring, 7 x with jumper plug
  • 3 x HV cable orange with shielding, one of them with defect

Recommended additional equipment

  • Electude Automotive Essentials
  • Digital work orders
  • power supply TS10
  • HV accessories Set or set of equipment for a HV workshop
  • Metrahit H+E Car Set

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