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T-Varia Connect Starter Set analog TP-VAR1

T-Varia Connect is ideal for assembling individual components into an overall system. Here trainees learn to read and create schematics, to assign ter..

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T-Varia Connect Starter Set digital TP-VAR2

This package has been designed for teaching bus basics technology. It is ideal as an introduction to networked systems of modern vehicles. The compone..

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Connection Adaptor (diverse)

Connection Adaptor between Control Unit and Cable Harness.Individual design according to control unit.Order No. Adaptor cable - firmly connected138210..

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Airbag training model Airbag training model

The training model consists of all the original components of a Golf V airbag system. The training equipment contains non-ignitable airbags and belt t..

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Assembly Kit High-Voltage Cables Assembly Kit High-Voltage Cables

This training system consists of a mounting plate and a complete, high-quality tool set. Everything fits into a practical carrying case. The work assi..

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Automotive Bus Systems Basics Trainer

This system is specifically designed to teach basics of bus technology. It is ideal for introduction into networked systems in modern vehicles. It has..

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