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Connection Adaptor (diverse)

Connection Adaptor between Control Unit and Cable Harness.Individual design according to control unit.Order No. Adaptor cable - firmly connected138210..

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Airbag training model Airbag training model

The training model consists of all the original components of a Golf V airbag system. The training equipment contains non-ignitable airbags and belt t..

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Automotive Bus Systems Basics Trainer

This system is specifically designed to teach basics of bus technology. It is ideal for introduction into networked systems in modern vehicles. It has..

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Automotive DC/DC Converter Trainer Automotive DC/DC Converter Trainer

DC/DC voltage converters are the link between high-voltage batteries and three-phase machines. The innovative laboratory trainer for step-down and ste..

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Automotive Electric Motors Trainer Automotive Electric Motors Trainer

Innovative laboratory trainer for the basic knowledge of electrical machines. The design types of the electric motors and generators which are relevan..

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Automotive Electrics Trainer

Innovative laboratory trainer for automotive electrical fundamentals. The components can be freely wired to numerous typical automotive electrical cir..

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