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Automotive Bus Systems Basics Trainer

This system is specifically designed to teach basics of bus technology. It is ideal for introduction into networked systems in modern vehicles. It has two transmitter and receiver units. Each unit can be given an address, such as those used in automotive ECUs. The transmitter can be customized 2 x 4 bits to send messages over a single bus line. These messages can be measured with an oscilloscope and recorded. On the receiver side 8 outputs can be connected to LED's, which correspond to a typical vehicle lighting.

Course contents:

  • Bus Electrical Systems, topology
  • Serial communication, information packets with address and data blocks, processing
  • Assign and transmit data in binary mode binary number system conversion of values, bit significance LSB / MSB addresses
  • Hexadecimal, conversion of binary values in hexadecimal address assignments
  • Collisions of data packets
  • Using the oscilloscope, identifying and interpret messages
  • Driving a vehicle lighting in different situations by sending different messages to their respective receivers via a single cable


  • 3 x Switch for sending
  • 8 x Data switch
  • 16 x Address switch
  • 1 x Transmitter unit with transparent window to Interior
  • 1 x Receiver unit with transparent window to Interior incl. 8 control LED's
  • 8 x Signal outputs
  • 12 x LED's in printed vehicle with 8 connection terminals
  • 2 x Data cable connectors
  • 2 x Power sockets 12V DC

Detailed and extensive worksheets for students with numerous tasks included. Teachers book with solutions.

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