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Training Package Multimeter Trainer

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Training Package Multimeter Trainer

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The Multimeter trainer consists of a practical set-up and the associated E-learning. On the panel are three circuits.

  • Basic circuit
  • Relay circuit
  • Mosfet circuit

Each circuit has 6 different failures that can be activated by means of a rotary knob. In the various circuits the student learns the structure of the circuit. Then they will look for failures under guidance. Lastly there are 5 failures that they diagnose themselves.

Through the preliminary theory and practical assignments the student learns:

  • To identify the structure of a basic circuit.
  • To identify the structure of a relay circuit.
  • To perform measurements on the basic and relay circuit.
  • To detect failures on the basic and relay circuit.
  • To identify the structure of a Mosfet circuit.
  • To carry out measurements on the Mosfet circuit.
  • To detect failures on the Mosfet circuit.

The combination of web-based work orders with THEPRA's Multimeter-Trainer creates an effective learning environment for every level of education.

  • Overview
  • Equipment
  •  Multimeter Diagnosis Trainer (Order No. 112020210)
  •  Power supply unit TS10 (Order No. 112050010)
  •  Digital work orders Automotive Multimeter Trainer (Order No. 112020212)

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