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Starter Sets

Starter Sets Automotive. The starter sets are put together by us contain all necessary equipment, didactic written documents and accessories for a learning topic. This means that they are immediately ready for use without the need for additional material.

The packages have been put together for an optimal introduction to an area and can be extended at any time to cover additional topics.

Starter Sets
T-Varia Connect Starter Set analog TP-VAR1

T-Varia Connect is ideal for assembling individual components into an overall system. Here trainees learn to read and create schematics, to assign ter..

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T-Varia Connect Starter Set digital TP-VAR2

This package has been designed for teaching bus basics technology. It is ideal as an introduction to networked systems of modern vehicles. The compone..

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T-Varia Basic Equipment Generator T-Varia Basic Equipment Generator

With this modular system, original automotive generators can be operated with three different controller types. The generator control system panel pro..

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T-Varia Starter Set Engine Management

The ideal system for getting to know the complex interaction of electrical and electronic automotive components in a practical way on original compone..

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