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Metrahit IM E-Drive BT SW Set

The Metrahit IM E-Drive BT SW Set is an All-in-one tester for electrical machines, multimeter, milliohmmeter and insulation tester with graphic display, Bluetooth and software IZYTRON.IQ Business Starter. R-ISO up to 1kV, mOhm 2-wire with 200 mA, mOhm 4-wire with 200 mA or 1A. Scope of delivery includes DMM, key probe, cable set, one Kelvin clip and one Kelvin probe, hard case, LiPo battery, USB power supply, calibration certificate and SW licence.


  • 4-wire milliohm measurement (Kelvin measurement) with 200 mA or 1 A.
  • Insulation test with test voltage 50...1000 V.
  • Coil test with 1000 V test voltage

Technical data

  • Multifunctional measurement instruments: V, A, Ω, F, Hz, %, RPM, °C/°F.
  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 3.1 GΩ.
  • Direct current measurement 10 nA...1 A.
  • Capacity measurement.
  • 4-wire milliohm measurement.
  • 2-wire Rlo measurement according to DIN EN 61557-4/VDE 0413-4
  • TRMS (true RMS) AC/AC+DC for current/voltage up to 10/100 kHz.
  • Dioden measurement (IK = 1 mA, UFlow up to 5.1 V) and continuity.
  • Precision temperature measurement °C/°F for RTD and TC-K sensors.
  • Coil measurements with 1000 V and optional COIL adaptor.
  • Current measurement with clamp sensors. Transformation ratio can be set with CLIP from 1:1 to 1:1000.
  • Acoustic signals.
  • Acquisition of Min/Max; DATA hold.
  • Datalogger
  • Push/print function transfers measured values to application software by simply pressing a key.
  • Programmable sequences for test routines.
  • Colour graohic display.
  • Modular power supply: standard quick-change rechargeable lithium battery, optional WPC module for inductive charging.
  • Automatic blocking sockets (ABS) for the current input.
  • Test probe with START (ISO) and STORE keys.
  • Housing with IP 52 protection, dust and splash protected, replaceable rubber holster.
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth or Wifi/WLAN integrated, USB with optional module.
  • Windows software IZYTRONIQ for documentation, generation of test reports, and graphicn evaluation of measurements.

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