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Training package electric vehicle e-up!

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The Volkswagen e-up! consists of a practical set-up and the associated E-learning. This practical consists of a prepared vehicle. The vehicle has many break-out measuring points on all main components. The vehicle can be ordered with 16 (FS16) or 30 (FS30) built-in fault switches.

Through the preliminary theory and practical assignments the student learns:

  • To identify the various components of the e-up!
  • To indicate the location of various components.
  • To identify the features of various components.
  • To carry out various work procedures on electric vehicles.
  • To work with various safety features.
  • To apply a diagnosis roadmap to a failure.
  • To analyse the various parameters.
  • Overview
  • Equipment
  •  Training vehicle purely electric FS30 (Order No. 179406120) or
  •  Training vehicle purely electric FS16 (Order No. 179406110)
  •  High voltage accessory set universal (Order No. 138660050)
  •  Metrahit IM E-Drive BT SW Set (Order No. 116162150)
  •  Digital work orders Training Vehicle Electric (Order No. 179406102)

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