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Auto Lighting System Board including alternator + ignition

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Auto Lighting System Board including alternator + ignition

Self contained, fully operational Automotive Lighting System, manufactured using real components.

Demonstration board using original components including headlights, side lights, indicators and spotlights. The alternator is motor driven via a special controller to demonstrate the charging circuit. A functional contact breaker ignition is mounted on the board.

The system is powered by a 12 V DC battery for the electrical circuit and by 240 V AC for the speed controlled motor.

Main technical data:

  • Fully operational auto electrical trainer manufactured using original components
  • Based on a generic auto electrical system, complete with charging and lighting system
  • Components include: Alternator (motor driven), Headlights, Side lights (front & rear), Indicators, Brake lights, Control dash panel, Relays and Battery isolator, Contact Breaker Ignition
  • Variable speed control for alternator
  • Rotating parts covered by mesh guards
  • Board mounted in a vertical bench frame
  • Powder coated paint finish

Supply Voltage:

12 V= and 240 V~ (Battery not included)

Accessories: Order No.
Pin-outs Ø2mm sockets 526300001
Surcharge Trolley Stand 523900079


Length 675 mm, Width 950 mm, Height 860 mm
Weight: 55 kg

Dimensions Trolley Stand (with Option 523900079):

Length 725 mm, Width 1080 mm, Height 1780 mm
Weight: 83 kg

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