Functional Model Electric Traction

Functional Model Electric Traction

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This training system consists of the function model and the corresponding e-learning companion course. The practice course modules deepen and complement the theory modules in a unique way.

This function model simulates a real vehicles drive system. It consists of battery, inverter and three-phase motor-generator, enabling both electric drive and regenerative braking. All operating parameters can be measured in a safe voltage range of <24 V.

Courseware: Theory and measurement tasks "Electric drive and regenerative braking"
- E-learning module "Electric traction - Introduction" (EU Stage 2)
- E-learning module "Electric traction - DC" (EU Stage 2)
- E-learning module "Electric traction - AC" (EU Stage 4)
- E-learning module "Electric traction - Recuperation" (EU Stage 4)


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