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Automotive Electric Motors Trainer

Innovative laboratory trainer for the basic knowledge of electrical machines. The design types of the electric motors and generators which are relevant in the motor vehicle technology are assembled and displayed in a transparent manner.

  • Overview
  • Features
  •  Demonstration of how the following electric motor types work:
    • Permanent magnet motor
    • Series-wound motor
    • Asynchronous squirrel-cage motor
    • Synchronous three-phase motor
  •  All operating values in the low voltage range from < 24V
  •  Drive unit for controlling all motor types with display and rotary control knob
  • Learning content
  •  Identify different electric motors
  •  Odentify components of electric motors
  •  Explaining the operation of various electric motors
  •  Measurement and evaluation of electrical values and signals
  • Equipment
  •  Drive unit with mounting flange and shaft for mounting the motor types
  •  Shaft with coupling for belt drive for external drive - drill with connection adapter included - enables generator function
  •  Rpm sensor integrated, all electrical connections as 4mm safety sockets, 6 x lamps as load unit
  •  Components in the storage case:
    • 3 x coil with pole shoe and 4mm connections
    • 2 x permanent magnet with pole shoe, red and green
    • Rotor with permanent magnet, red and green
    • Rotor with electromagnet
    • Short circuit anchor
    • Centering ring as mounting aid
    • Carbon brush holder transparent with 4mm connections
    • Drive belt and socket wrench
    • Measuring and connection cables

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