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Y-cable PRY10-0003


Y-cable PRY10-0003

This Y-cable or splitter cable must be connected between the sensor/actuator and the connector of the engine wiring harness connector so the sensor of the engine management system is still functioning. By connecting the 18 pin breakout box,measurement can be done in a save way regarding the signals from and to the sensor. This can be done with a multimeter or scoop. The pin numbers on the connector are identical to the numbers on the breakout box. In this way there is no longer need to pierce into wires or damage contacts inside the connector. So not leakage in the isolation (pvc) of a wire with a change for corrosion of the cupper inside of the wire and problems in future. And as last, with an unplugged connector, a sensor will not work anymore and will generate a trouble code in the ECU.

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