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VW CDI Engine EURO 6 with SCR

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VW CDI Engine EURO 6 with SCR

VW CDI engine 2.0 l Golf VI Technology

Mounted on an aluminium profile frame with large swivel castors.

  • Frame in aluminium profile
  • Compact design
  • Intank fuel pump and level indicator
  • Complete exhaust system
  • Original pedal value sensor and brake light switch
  • Main or emergency switch
  • Original fuse box
  • Original relay holder
  • Original circuit diagram applicable
  • Fault circuit with transition resistors
  • Breakout Box System
  • Diagnostic measured values via OBD
  • Optional with AD BLUE SCR System

Golf VI Technique

  • Decentralised electrics
  • Networking of all systems
  • Central gateway
  • Vehicle electrical system control unit
  • Control unit Fuel pump
  • Control unit Steering column electronics

Engine Technology

  • Single piston high pressure pump
  • Plastic variable intake manifold
  • intake camshaft timing
  • Valve for exhaust gas recirculation water-cooled
  • Air-guided combustion process


  • Breakout Box
  • CAN simulation for error-free engine control unit
  • Fault circuit
  • Sensor Y Cable

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