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Diagnostic Tool VCDS (Volkswagen) - VCDS pro

Diagnosis system for VAG models from 1992 to current model series

Extent of Supply

  • HEX+CAN USB interface cable
  • Up-to-date VCDS diagnosis software with the plugins VC-Scope, TDI-Graph and LCode on CD-ROM
  • Manual for VCDS in .pdf format on CD-ROM
  • Installation instructions
  • Practical storage case with bilateral burl foams and VCDS print

Technical data

  • 16-pole ISO 9141-2 OBD2 plug made of resilient ABS plastic material with very good shape
  • Gold-plated contacts for highest stability and contact safety
  • Two K / L diagnosis lines
  • Two CAN diagnosis lines (CAN high / CAN low)
  • Dual Colour LED with status function for communication and short-circuit recognition
  • Automatic Baud rate recognition
  • Licence dongle function for VAG-COM Diagnostic Software (VCDS)
  • PU-coated extremely tear-resistant and flexible USB connection cable (made in Germany) with high service life, can be replaced by end customer, length 1.50 m
  • Practical hook-and-loop cable tie for proper storage

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