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Truck Breakout Box BBCC002


Truck Breakout Box BBCC002

This breakout box is designed for measuring en disconnecting the wiring harness between the chassis and cabin of a truck.This box is in serial connection between the chassis and cabin wiring harness.In this way it is possible to measure the sensors when they are not connected to the ECU while other sensors or activators are still connected.Because this box is equiped with “bridges”, you can take away this jumper connector so you can also measure current with a multimeter. (amperage)

An integrated resistor of 75 Watt at 24 Volt is ment to be used for extra load to a wire which is nearly broken or terminals which might have too much resitance.In the box thereare also 3 LED’s which can be connected with the use of 4 mm banaplugwires to signals, switches and other electronic devices.In the box are integrated contact busses for ground to vehicle, 5 volt supply and 24 volt.The box will be delivered with a set of 4 mm banaplug wires.

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