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Training Vehicle Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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Training Vehicle Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The training vehicle Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a full hybrid versions XP13 or XP21 with 74 kW to 96 kW system power. The reconditioned vehicles with first registration from 2010 have a maximum of 100,000 km and are in good used condition.


This training vehicle is fully functional and ideal for troubleshooting and diagnostic work. It also allows students to learn various measurements, tests and diagnostic procedures on the components of the hybrid system, comfort system, high-voltage battery and others. The training vehicle is based on a Toyota Yaris.

The vehicles will be equipped with switchable hybrid faults and corresponding measuring sockets on all sensors and actuators where faults can be switched.

An additional equipment high voltage adds HV measuring sockets and insulation faults as well as a simulation box for potential equalisation. This enables corresponding measurements of the potential equalisation with a potential equalisation measuring device.

In addition, an optional error circuit can be installed for the motor control of the petrol engine with corresponding measuring sockets.

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