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SCANIA Diagnostic Cable set


SCANIA Diagnostic Cable set

Scania complete set with 15 Y-cables plus 18 pin plastic breakout box. For all Scania trucks.

The Y-cable or splitter cable is placed between the sensor/actuator and harness connector to allow the sensor to function normally in a working engine management system. By connecting the 18 pin breakout box to this cable, a measurement of the signals from and to the sensor can be carried out in a safe and reliable manner. This can be done by using a multimeter or scope. The pin assignment with the pin numbers on the connector is equal to the number of numbers on the breakout box. In this way, it is no longer necessary to pierce cables to measure a signal. The use of a paper clip and measuring along the seals is therefore a thing of the past. This prevents a hole in the insulation of the wire or the seal and the copper of the wire cannot oxidize and cause problems in the future. It will also no longer be necessary to measure in a loose connector with the risk of damage to the contact. And moreover, the sensor no longer works with a loose connector!

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