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Digital work orders T-Varia Starterset CAN-Bus

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Digital work orders T-Varia Starterset CAN-Bus

T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting consists of a practical set-up and the associated E-learning. The practical set-up contains several separate panels with components of the CAN-bus lighting system.

T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting (basic), 16 h 54 min
After going through the practical assignments you are able to: Identify the structure of a CAN-bus lighting system. Explain the operation of the various lighting components. Build CAN-bus lighting circuits with the aid of an electrical diagram. Perform measurements on a CAN-bus lighting system and assess these.

Preparatory theory with T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting (basic), 11 h 19 min*
  • Electrical fundamentals - basics
  • Resistance - advanced
  • Ohm's law - advanced
  • Multimeter autorange - basics
  • Series circuits - basics
  • Parallel circuits - basics
  • Watt's law - advanced
  • Relay - basics
  • Lighting - basics
  • Light sources - basics
  • Tail lights - basics
  • Headlight height adjustment - basics
  • Headlight cleaning systems - basics
  • Headlights
  • Cornering lights - basics
  • Legal regulations for lights (UNCE) - basics
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: introduction - basics
  • Network configuration - basics
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: topology - basics
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: protocol - basics
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) bus: protocol introduction - basics
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: error detection and rectification - basics
Practical assignments with T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting (basic), 5 h 35 min
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Connecting CAN-Bus - Basics
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Frontlights / Rearlights - Basics
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Daytime Running Light - Basics
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Low beam / High beam - Basics
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Brake Lights, Reversing Lights & Horn - Basics
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Fog Lights - Basics
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Flashing Lights / Alarm Lights - Basics

T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting (advanced), 4 h 52 min
By working through the modules of preparatory theory and practical exercises, you will learn ...theoretical knowledge about the lighting system of vehicles. ...theoretical knowledge about the CAN bus communication system. to read and understand the wiring diagrams of the lighting system. wire a CAN-Bus controlled lighting system of a vehicle. know the structure of a CAN-Bus lighting system. explain the function of the different components of the lighting system. set up a CAN bus controlled lighting system based on circuit diagrams. carry out measurements on a CAN bus (lighting). to carry out a diagnosis on a CAN bus (lighting). To carry out measurements on a CAN bus system and to analyse the effects of simulated malfunctions on the system.

Preparatory theory with T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting (advanced), 2 h 01 min*
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: introduction - advanced
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: topology - advanced
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: electrical operation - advanced
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: protocol - advanced
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: arbitration - advanced
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: error detection and rectification - advanced
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)-bus: diagnosis - advanced
Practical assignments with T-Varia CAN-bus Lighting (advanced), 2 h 51 min
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Error 3 - advanced
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: CAN-Bus Error - advanced
  • T-Varia CAN-Bus Lighting: Measurement at the CAN-Bus Lighting - advanced

License: You purchase a license for any number of students and teachers with a period of validity of 10 years. This can be extended individually after. The software will be activated on your Electude e-learning domain.

* Separate license may apply for the Preliminary theory.

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