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Mercedes-Benz A-Class petrol engine with injection

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class petrol engine with injection

Cutaway Model Daimler-Benz A Class petrol engine with injection

New construction with the latest technique. The engine is driven by a 220V geared motor, all the assemblies run along. The start can be engaged, the transmission shifted. The following are cutaway:

  • cylinder head
  • cylinder block
  • crankcase
  • oil pan
  • one piston
  • roller valve lever with clearance compensation element
  • oil pump
  • chain case
  • generator (internally ventilated)
  • starter
  • intake manifold
  • air filter box
  • double ignition coil
  • electronic control unit
  • actuator
  • throttle valve
  • valve cover
  • oil filter
  • thermostat
  • air-mass sensor
  • 5-gear transmission
  • differential.

All actors and sensors are available and connected to the cable tree.

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