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Diesel Injection System - TDI (VW) - proline

With this teaching and training rig with common rail piezo injection technology all functions and processes, errors and measuring values can be demonstrated and examined without emissions as they are in the original engine. All original parts and required components are clearly arranged in the IPO-principle on the color printed front panel. The required power supply, wiring and component configuration are already integrated into the system and preset, ready for operation. This means the system can be put into operation immediately upon setup.

  • At a glance
  • Features
  •  Original parts, TDI piezo injection technology, Original injection pressures
  •  Measuring of all relevant parts and components in the central circuit diagram measuring field
  •  Arrangement in the IPO principle: input - processing - output
  •  Can be diagnosed via OBD interface
  •  Fault circuit, lockable by a lid
  •  Connection for student circuit diagram measuring desks
  •  Compact device build, mobile, for lab and workshop practice
  • Learning Objectives
  •  TDI injection technology: Name components of the entire common-rail engine management and explain the interaction of the components
  •  Working with original schematics and specify problem-oriented connector pins on components and control unit
  •  Determining reference values depending on operating situation
  •  Using common OBD diagnostic tools for the workshop
  •  Measuring and assessing sensor signals and actuator control voltages, recording CAN-bus signals with the oscilloscope and assessing signal levels
  •  Making screen-shots of all signals, all control voltages and the CAN data-bus with a digital oscilloscope and storing them for customer-specific documentations
  • Examples for exercises
  •  Verification of the power supply side plus and minus side
  •  Verification of the sensors - with multimeter and oscilloscope: power supply, signals, component testing
  •  Verification of the actuators - with multimeter and oscilloscope: supply voltage, control signals, component testing
  •  Determining the influence of various sensors on the different actuators. Recording and evaluating the control of the actuators corresponding to the input information
  •  Representation of the pressure conditions in relation to the sensor signals and engine speed
  •  Recording and evaluation of the speed-dependent injection time and the regulation of the amount injected in relation to the preselected sensor signals
  •  Practical errors: detect and evaluate cable breaks and corrosion resistances
  •  Self-diagnosis with OBD diagnostic tool (original tester)
  • Equipment
  •  Proline system cart with cabinet, construction in a closed housing
  •  Front panel design with color digital printing, circuit diagrams, components and symbols, protective film
  •  7 x large digital color displays
  •  Inputs: control unit, ignition switch, fuel pressure sender, fuel pressure sender, air temperature sensor, sensor boost pressure, intake air temperature, coolant temperature sender, radiator coolant temperature sender, engine speed sender, lambda sensor sender, lambda probe, sender 1 and 2 accelerator pedal position, exhaust gas pressure sender, throttle valve potentiometer, exhaust temperature sender 1, 3 and 4, potentiometers for exhaust gas recirculation, position indicator for boost pressure plate, potentiometer for intake manifold flap, brake light switch
  •  Processing: TDI control unit, diagnostic connection for standard test equipment
  •  Outputs: relay power supply Kl30, fuel pump relay, fuel pump relay 2, piezo injectors, fuel pressure control valve, fuel metering solenoid valve, throttle valve control solenoid valve, radiator fan, coolant circulation pump 2, lambda sensor heater, exhaust gas recirculation valve, EGR cooler changeover valve, engine intake manifold
  •  57 x measuring sockets in 4mm safety version, Connection for error switchgear and decoupler to student measuring desks
  •  Detailed documentation and extensive worksheets for teachers and students

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 400 V, 16 A
  • Dimensions: W x H X D: 1400 x 1910 x 710 mm
  • Weight: approx. 200 kg

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