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Breakout Box LT78

This box is a 78-channel failure simulation box or breakoutbox. This system is specifically designed for fault simulation in engine management systems for both diesel and gasoline engines. With this system, signals of a motor can be measured or interrupted. The box is connected in series between the motor and the engine management. Each signal from the ECU must then through the FSB.


  • Signals can be measured via the 2 mm jacks
  • Fault simulation by means of interruption
  • There is no external power required
  • Dimension are 30x27x15 cm
  • Weight 7 kg
  • The system is housed in a rugged plastic case
  • Plastic laser-engraved front plate

Optional equipment:

  • Bananaplug wires 2mm
  • Extra jumper connectors 2 mm

Your advantages:

  • Easy engine management exposure without damaging wires or fault simulation
  • Universally applicable to any brand of car, each engine management system

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