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Brake Rig OPEL/GM 4 Discs + ABS

Self contained, fully operational Brake Rig, Cross diagonal hydraulic circuit.

Indicator lamps fitted for handbrake and foot brake operation.

Complete with master cylinder and servo, disc / drum assembly (depending on the model), handbrake and foot brake.

Fully portable, suitable for classroom demonstrator and practical exercise in the workshop.

Optional indicator lamp for handbrake and foot brake.

The Brake Rig offers an enhanced training resource, hands-on training with real components and greater understanding for the student with out the constraints of the modern motor vehicle.

Main technical data:

  • Fully operational, self contained Brake Rig, cross diagonal hydraulic circuit, based upon GM Vectra
  • Including front and rear disc assemblies, master cylinder and servo
  • Hand brake and brake pedal with switches
  • Fitted with original ABS system including ABS unit, wheel speed sensors and diagnostic socket
  • Brake tail light fitted
  • Brake components mounted on a frame complete with castors
  • Powder coated paint finish

Supply Voltage:

12 V= (Battery not inlcuded)


Length 1300 mm, Width 800 mm, Height 1350 mm
Weight: 130 kg

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