Privacy Policy

Supported by article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution and the data protection acts each person has the right on protection of her privacy as well as on protection from abuse of their personal data. TECHNOLAB SA keeps these regulations.

Personal data are treated strictly confidentially and neither sold nor given to third.

In co-operation with our hosting provider TECHNOLAB SA takes all precautions to protect the data bases against unauthorized accesses, losses, abuse or falsification.

With the access to our website no personal data are stored. The web servers of our hosting provider register only impersonal data of usage, which are prepared in such a way for TECHNOLAB SA that trends are recognizable, in order to improve the website accordingly (log files). The usage data are not linked with personal data.

An exception is the deliberate establishment of contact. Your email address can be stored in a separate data base, which stands in no connection with the anonymous log files. You have at any time the possibility of letting your email address being deleted.

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