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Training Package Automotive High Voltage Safety Trainer

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The HV Trainer consists of a practical set-up and the associated E-learning. This practical set-up includes a complete HV system, with a realistic measurable high voltage. The use of this trainer focuses on safety. The de-energising and assessment of the insulation resistance and potential equalisation cables. The participant can also practice with this Trainer in detecting these types of failures in a HV system.

Through the preparatory theory and practical assignments, the participant learns:

  • To de-energise a HV system using different methods.
  • The challenges for an emergency service employee with an active HV system.
  • That the opening of the housing of a HV component is monitored.
  • That a HV connector cannot simply be disconnected.
  • To check potential equalisation.
  • To assess the insulation resistance of HV components.
  • To recognise signals from the most common HV components.
  • To work with the 'Diagnostic search mode' of the HV Trainer.
  • Fault finding on the basis of an error code/complaint description.

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