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EBS Air Brake System - Tractor

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EBS Air Brake System - Tractor

WABCO System - A ready to use function model including voltage regulated 24 Volt (0-30 V) 30 amp switching power supply, self-closing safety pneumatic clutches on all components, all required hose connections, data sheets, circuit diagram, manual and operating instructions.


The structure of the truck air brake consists exclusively of original components of WABCO. To illustrate the EBS control processes the function model has four electric powered wheel units to simulate the front and rear axles. An integrated circuit fault with ten practically oriented errors provides the ability to understand realistic operating conditions and practice troubleshooting.

The modular system provides an attractive training into the field of commercial vehicle air brake systems. The flexible connections of the components ensure maximum freedom in the design of learning situations and action-oriented transfer of knowledge. The coloured air lines support a clear structured experimental setup.

For connection of suitable diagnostic equipment, the facility has an OBD diagnostic interface. Another interface allows connection of optional student measuring stations. With four large pressure gauges and original test terminals, the test steps in the function and pressure assurance testing can be represented clearly in accordance with Annex 29 to traffic regulations.

The original WABCO diagnostic program, WABCO testers and presentation programs are optionally available.

Technical data

Power supply: 110/240 Volt
Dimensions: L x W x H 2400 x 800 x 1970 mm
Weight: about 430 kg
Compressed air connection: compressor with at least 10 bar and sufficient power output per liter (l/min), not in the extent of supply.

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