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E-Learning Automotive Technology

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E-Learning Automotive Technology

Game-Based Learning

E-learning promotes action competence in automotive technology. We carry various devices to support the learning content with practical work.

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Technolab E-Learning is the most comprehensive and effective automotive e-learning solution on the market. Technolab E-Learning supports learners in all vehicle-specific topics, from bumper to bumper, and introduces them to vehicle maintenance and repair with interactive animations and simulations.

Content in Technolab E-Learning is offered in the form of modules. A module can contain a theory lesson, it could also be an educational computer simulation, a test, an interesting link or your own task sheet that you have developed. There are also modules for independent practical work on training systems or vehicles. In short, modules contain all the elements that make up a large part of the curriculum. Several modules grouped by learning objectives are called courses.

  • 1'400+ lessons, tests and simulations included
  • New modules are added regularly
  • 4 learning levels: Level 1 Beginner to 4 Diagnosis Specialist Level
  • Comes with a complete curriculum compilation that can be freely modified
  • Works anywhere: on tablets, smartphones and PCs
  • Own internet address for your e-learning server
  • Annual license fee per user

Types of Modules

Theory Modules

All theory content modules are provided with the system. This allows you to use your own curriculum based on your time and topics. These are also suitable for the preparation (homework) of practical lessons.

Test sample modules as a student - click here!

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Do-It-Yourself Modules

Teachers, lecturers and trainers can easily create their own e-learning modules and integrate them into their courses.

Digital Work Orders

We offer automotive training systems, for which complete e-learning courses are also available. From a simple metrology trainer to a completely modified training vehicle. This enables the trainees to work independently and with guidance.

Engine Management Simulator

The simulator modules are part of the Electude system. Teachers are thus able to put together thousands of debugging combinations.

Test the simulator - click here!

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