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Dynamometer Engine Trainer

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Dynamometer Engine Trainer

Fully operational petrol or diesel dynamometer engine rig, complete with fuel, ignition, cooling and exhaust systems. Complete with PC based data acquisition.

Dynamometer can be attached to any engine within our ecoline product range. Picture shown based on a Ford 1.6 16v Duratec, complete with ECC-VI CAN-BUS protocol sequential engine management system.


  • Adaptor flange and shaft to suit engine
  • PC based data acquisition
  • Performance (Nm and kW)
  • Engine load control
  • 24” slip stream fan required for additional cooling
  • Supply voltage 240 AC and 12 volts DC
  • Rotating parts covered by mesh guards
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Warranty 24 months from date of delivery
  • Engine Rig mounted on a self-contained stand complete with castors
  • CE Certification


  • 524100206 Optional data recording: cylinder pressure (524100204), airflow metering (524100202) and fuel flow metering (524100203)
  • 524100210 Four temperature sensors used (engine, oil, radiator top & bottom hoses)
  • 524100208 One pressure sensor used (oil)
  • LPG conversion (petrol engine only)
  • 524100990 1000 litre water tank and pump (if sufficient mains water supply not available)
  • 526200010 Ten fault, fault insertion contained in a lockable box
  • 526300001 Pin out facility on all engine sensors and actuators using Ø2mm sockets enabling “real-time” values to be taken without compromising the wiring harness


1200mm x 1600mm x 1300mm (W x L x H), 335 kg (dimensions and weight will vary depending the donor engine)

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