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Cutaway Models

Cutaway Models Automotive Technology. We offer a wide range of cutaway models for all vehicle components. Guaranteed high quality and function: "Made in Germany".

We also produce cutaway models exactly according to customer requirements. In every complexity, from every material and in different versions. Just ask us!

Cutaway Models
Model-board: Carburettor test

Model-board: Carburettor test 4 similar or different carburetters prepared for dismantling and assembly (single downdraft carburetter, dual-barrel car..

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Model-board: Valves

Cutaway Model Model-board: Valvesvalve manufacture, from blank stage to finished partdifferent types of valvesspecial valves (sodium-filled and hard- ..

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Model-board: Differential

Model-board: Differential All components of the differential are clearly visible, they are mounted on a board and are easy to remove...

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Model-board: Automatic transmission

Model-board: Automatic transmission Contains the most important automatic transmission components (some parts cut open). Hydraulic control with shift ..

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Model-board: Modern pistons

Model-board: Modern pistons Modern pistons, cut open in parts. Various pistons, including: AT piston, autothermatic piston, full-skirt piston, duother..

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Model-board: Camshafts

Model-board: Camshafts Built-up, forged and cast camshafts. Camshafts for 4-, 5-, 6-cylinder engines. Camshafts for four-valve engines. Camshafts for ..

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