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Load Unit
The device must be connected to the vehicle battery. Up to 10 glow plugs can be connected to the loa..
Dynamometer Eddy Current Brake
Dynamometer Eddy Current Brake
The THEPRA educational appliance DREHMOMESS Engine Dynamometer was developed specifically for purpos..
High Voltage Accessory Set
High Voltage Accessory Set
Everything on the site! The appropriate set of accessories for safe working on high-voltage vehicles..
Breakout Box 154 Pin installed directly
Breakout Box 154 pin in 4 mm safety design. The assignment of the pins is guaranteed by a color sepa..
ECU break-out box 4mm Measuring Terminals
Pin-out facility on all sensors and actuators Ø2mm sockets enabling real-time values to be taken wit..
Electronic Auto Transaxle, Driveshafts & Braking Facility
Additional equipment for the engine test bench with an automatic transmission, drive shafts and brak..
Error switch box CAN
Permet d'introduire des erreurs sur le bus CAN, par exemple la permutation des lignes CAN, les court..
Fault Insertion Box 20 Faults
Fault Insertion Box 20 Faults
Fault boxes, 20 pins for functional models Insight...
Gauges for RPM, Coolant Temperature and Oil Temperature
Additional equipment to engine test bed with sensors and displays for speed, water temperature and o..
Gearbox complete with clutch and clutch pedal
Additional equipment for engine test with a manual gearbox and clutch pedal, if present on the origi..
Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge
Additional equipment for engine test bed with sensor and indicator for fuel pressure...
Measuring box ABS / ESP
Pour des mesures sur l'unité de contrôle de l'ABS ou l'ESP...
Measuring box CAN / LIN
Permet de facilement taper les signaux par des vérins de laboratoire de 4mm pour la représentation d..
Operational Air Conditioning System
Additional equipment for engine rigs with a functioning air conditioning if present on the original ..
Pin-box Engine Management 154 Pins
Pin-box Engine Management 154 Pins
For measurements on engine control units with 154 pins (60pins / 94pins). Product consists of the pa..
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