Engine Technology

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Adjustable camshafts
All functions of a four-stroke engine can be shown, including chain tensioning...
Air filter with controlled preheating
controlling the air flap by means of the vacuum box function of the temperature controller dependin..
Air flow adjustment by adequate shape of the air funnel
different angles of the air funnel cause a good adjustment of mixture ratio to load.different openin..
Air-flow sensor with fuel distributor K-Jetronic
-function of the air-flow sensor plate -actuating the control plunger -CO-value setting by means of ..
Airflow in a variable turbocharger
With the help of the fan supplied, air is pressed into the turbo-charger; function of the guide van..
Assembly of valves
The assembly of a valve into the cylinder head can be demonstrated clearly..Insertion of the valve s..
Balance shafts
the two balance shafts of a four-cylinder inline, engine turn towards each other with double cranksh..
Bike racing engine system K2
A one-cylinder engine which transmits its power onto two crankshafts via two connecting rods. Good ..
Buckling connecting rod engine
The two engines are connected by gear wheels and turn simultaneously. It is clear that the buckling..
Camshaft adjustment (VW)
In this, the adjustment of the inlet and the outlet camshaft is done with the help of hydraulically ..
Central injection MULTEC
-moving the throttle blade -changing the bypass cross section by means of the stepping motor and thu..
Central injection: Mono-Jetronic
-actuating the throttle blade -moving the throttle-blade actuator -moving the diaphragm in the press..
Centrifugal governor of a DE (idle- and maximum-speed control)
-control of fuel delivery rate when accelerating -function of the centrifugal weights -function of t..
Centrifugal governor of a DE (variable-speed governor)
-function of the governor at any load range -especially suited for master classes and work training..
Charging-pressure control
Function of the turbine and blower wheels. Adjustment of the guide vanes by means of the adjusting ..
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