Brake Technology

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Advanced Disc System (ADS)
Latest brake system with 2 flooating brake discs. extension of the brake plunger application of the ..
Air- brake coupling head
-sealing of the coupling head of the air supply line of the tractor unit with the trailer line disco..
Air-operated drum brake system
-function of the piston cylinder -transmission of the power from the piston cylinder to the actuatin..
Antiblock system ABS solenoid valve
solenoid valve of the antiblock system of an air brake: -diaphragm valve and solenoid valve can be m..
Antiblock system ABS solenoid valve
brake pedal with piston rod and piston, return pump, solenoid valve and pressure accumulator can be ..
Antifreeze pump
-function of the delivery of antifreeze -switching off the antifreeze pump -function of the pump pis..
Automatic adjustment and lift clearance
Deformation of the gasket ring. Return to shape of the gasket ring. Production of the clearance. Ad..
Automatic condensation water separator
As the condensate level rises the float is released from the air duct. The control piston is moved ..
Automatic load-dependent brake-power distributor
-function of the control lever -release, partial-load and full-load position -actuating the valve -t..
Automatic water drain valve
-lifting of the valve’s body -condensed water collection -cambering of the valve body’s diaphrag..
Brake-power limiter
Displacing the stepped piston shows that starting from a certain brake pressure of the brake master..
Brake-power regulator
-Function of a pressure -controlled brake-power regulator -Function of a load-dependent brake -power..
Daimler Benz Brake Assist
The control unit measures the speed at which the pedal is depressed and initiates full braking by m..
Diaphragm cylinder
function of a diaphragm cylinder, the mobile piston of which actuates the brake cam of the wheel bra..
Drum brake duo servo (like simplex)
transmission of the frictional forces of one brake shoe to the other. backing-up the same effect res..
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