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Model board: Two-wheel technique
This model board enables a comparison of car engine components and two-wheel technique..The followin..
Model case: Camshafts
Built-up, forged and cast camshafts. Camshafts for 4-, 5-, 6-cylinder engines. Camshafts for four-va..
Model-case: Connecting rods
2 connecting rods with pistons and piston pins. Divided and undivided connecting rods. Steel and alu..
Model-case: Crankshafts
crankshaft of a four, five and six-cylinder engine. crankshaft of an opposed-cylinder engine and a h..
Model-case: Cylinder heads
Cutaway model of a cylinder head with 2 valves in sequence with 2 rocker arms. Cutaway model of a c..
Model-case: Modern pistons
Modern pistons, cut open in parts..Various pistons, including: AT piston, autothermatic piston, full..
Model-case: Pumps
A collection of 8 different pumps for various applications and showing various pumping principles: ..
Model-case: Valves
valve manufacture, from blank stage to finished partdifferent types of valvesspecial valves (sodium-..
Model-case: Variable-speed transmission I
Four-speed transmission with drive shaft, main shaft and countershaft for rear-wheel drive (equal-ax..
Set with 4 injection nozzles
Four injection nozzles (Nos. 1173 to 1176) mounted on one model board. Also a dismantled nozzle hold..
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