Training Package E-Mobility TP-EM01

Training Package E-Mobility TP-EM01

Brand: Thepra
Product Code: 114030110
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Using this training package future automotive mechatronics will receive extensive knowledge on the subject of e-mobility. From safe handling of high-voltage vehicles with the Automotive Safety Trainer to the different electric motors and generators, everything is included in step with actual practice.

More in the theoretical depth is for example the Automotive DC/DC Converter Trainer. What happens in this link between the high-voltage battery and three-phase machine, is made transparent and understandable. The same applies to the Automotive Inverter Trainer which allows detailed investigations of the DC/AC conversion and the control of an electric motor.

With the Diagnostic Trainer for hybrid motor vehicle drive systems, trainees will become diagnostic professionals with extensive knowledge about all known hybrid drive systems, their characteristics and measurement capabilities.

  • At a glance
  • Equipment
  •  Set for 4 students, in pairs on the devices, single lab trainers to use in exchange
  •  Automotive Safety Trainer (No. 112045000)
  •  Automotive Electric Motors Trainer (No. 112022100)
  •  Automotive DC/DC Converter Trainer (No. 112020320)
  •  Automotive Inverter Trainer (No. 112020310)
  •  2 x Diagnostic Trainer Automotive Hybrid Drive Systems (No. 112030000)
  •  Power Supply TS10 (No. 112050010)
  •  Power Supply TS05 (No. 112050005)
  •  High Voltage Accessory Set (No. 138660000)
  •  4 x Desk Frame DIN A4 (No. 112090935)
  •  Educational documents with tasks and worksheets and associated solutions

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