Training Car CDI with E-Learning

Brand: Thepra
Product Code: 179405240
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This training system consists of the training vehicle (Smart Diesel) and the corresponding e-learning companion course. The practice course modules deepen and complement the theory modules in a unique way.

With this training system the previously acquired knowledge, skills and abilities of the theory modules for Common Rail Diesel are practiced and tested in practice through work orders. By using the break-out box and other measurement points the students walk through the measurement tasks independently. The vehicle is prepared with 10 well described and practically relevant errors.

The training vehicle includes:
- 1x break-out box engine management
- 50x test sockets to support troubleshooting
- 10x Error hook-up with work order and description
- All covers removed in the interior

Teachware work orders troubleshooting or diagnostic:

Diagnostic skills training:

Training level 1-2 Fundamentals of electricity, "electric compartment auxiliary heater"
Training Level 3 sensors and actuators, "Control actuators"
Training level 4 networks

Training system knowledge:

Training Level 3 system knowledge ESP - electrically
Training Level 3 common rail diesel - electric
Combined Training Level 3 electric (ESP system knowledge and common rail diesel)

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