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Dynamometer Eddy Current Brake

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The THEPRA educational appliance DREHMOMESS Engine Dynamometer was developed specifically for purposes of teaching and for other measurements of engine output. The appliance is designed as an Eddie current brake. The magnetic effect uses up the engine power; the rotating torque is transformed into a locked rotor torque and measured. The energy is transformed into heat. The engine output is transmitted by the drive shaft. The Drehmomess is lightweight and compact. By means of an intermediate flange, it is screwed to the clutch bell housing and centred. The compact structure makes it possible to quickly disconnect the unit from one engine and attach it to another.


  1. Eddie current brake, movable with protection guard
  2. electronical data recording incl. software

Possibilities of Trial and Demonstration

  • rotational speed and torque measurement with different engine operating conditions
  • performance calculation using the measured values

Required accessories 140015310 (1x required per motor)

  • assembly flange at flywheel of the engine
  • drive shaft with special coupling

Technical Data

Power supply: 230 V, 16 A
max. engine torque: 1'000 Nm

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