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Multimeter Trainer with E-Learning

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Multimeter Trainer with E-Learning

Learning by exploring

Through the Multimeter-Trainer, trainees develop essential measurement and diagnostic skills using digital work orders and their practical implementation.

The combination of web-based work orders with THEPRA's Multimeter-Trainer creates an effective learning environment for every level of education.

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The multimeter trainer comprises three circuit types:

  • Simple circuit
  • Relay circuit
  • Mosfet circuit

There are six possible faults in each circuit, which can be activated via a rotary switch.

In each circuit type, six individual faults typical for a vehicle (such as interruption, corrosion, earth fault, etc.) can be selected. 47 measuring sockets are available for troubleshooting in the printed circuit diagrams.

The following accessories are supplied

  • TS10 Power supply
  • 2mm cable set

Through the introductory theory and the digital work orders, the trainees learn:

  • to identify the structure of a simple circuit,
  • to identify the structure of a relay circuit,
  • Perform measurements in the simple and relay circuits,
  • to perform measurements in a Mosfet circuit,
  • find faults in a simple and a relay circuit,
  • the structure of a Mosfet circuit,
  • to perform measurements in a Mosfet circuit,
  • find errors in a Mosfet circuit.

Learning objectives:

  • Get to know typical lamp circuits
  • Using multimeters as diagnostic tools
  • Interpreting measured voltages for fault detection

Introductory theory with the multimeter trainer (basics) *

  • Electrical basics
  • Ground switched and voltage switched
  • Kirchhoff's first law Basics
  • Multimeter automatic measuring range
  • Magnetism
  • Relay
  • Relay Basics

Digital Work Orders for the Multimeter-Trainer (Basics)

  • Multimeter Trainer: Basics
  • Multimeter Trainer: Basics (Switch) - Guided Troubleshooting Errors 1-6
  • Multimeter-Trainer: Relay - Guided troubleshooting Error 1-6

Introductory theory to the Multimeter Trainer (in-depth) *

  • Kirchhoff's first law
  • Ohm's Law
  • Watt's law
  • Resistor
  • Transistor Basics
  • Transistor Advanced

Digital work orders for the multimeter trainer (in-depth study)

  • Multimeter-Trainer: Mosfet
  • Multimeter-Trainer: Mosfet - Guided Troubleshooting Errors 1-6

Duration of courses

  • Introductory theory to the Multimeter-Trainer (basics) * - 183 min.
  • Digital work orders for the multimeter trainer (basics) - 496 min.
  • Introductory theory to the multimeter trainer (in-depth) * - 438 min.
  • Digital work orders for the multimeter trainer (in-depth) - 235 min.

* The package of digital work orders described here is included as a 10-year license with the delivery of the learning system and is available to you with immediate effect. The number of participants is unlimited. A separate license is required for the participant's access to the theoretical learning material included in the learning offer. Please contact us for more information.

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