Common Rail Diesel Injection System with Piezo - proline

Common Rail Diesel Injection System with Piezo - proline

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This teaching and functional stand with piezo injection technology shows all Specifications, conditions, errors and measuring values as in the original engine and allows their examination. Complete test stand, can be moved on lab carts, with transfer module for student circuit diagram measuring desks / error switchgear and PC interface.


  • CDI piezo injection technology, original VW components
  • Original injection pressures
  • Design and symbolic representation in screen print fields on aluminium front panel
  • IPO principle
  • 4 mm measuring sockets on front panel to measure according to original circuit diagram
  • Compact device build, can be moved for lab and workshop practice
  • 29 experiments with teacher/student work documents
  • Can be diagnosed via OBD interface
  • Detailed accompanying documents / manual and CD

Experimental and demonstration possibilities

  • Checking the power supply
  • Checking the sensors and actuators
  • Determining the influence of the different sensor signals on the different actuators and recording and evaluating
  • The control of the actuators with regard to the input information
  • Representing the pressure conditions with regard to the sensor signals and the engine speed
  • Recording and evaluating the speeddependent injection timing and fuel delivery rate control with regard to the
  • Pre-selected sensor signals
  • Representing, recording and evaluating errors which may occur in practice
  • Self-diagnosis by means of fault reader (standard tester)

Supplementary Equipment:

Measuring point decoupler, 32 measurements - Order-Nr. 138099050
Error switchgear, up to 60 errors, any combination possible - Order-Nr. 138099085
Circuit diagram base plate / student's measuring stand (1 per student) - Order-Nr. 138099100
Circuit diagram mask, specifically for circuit diagram board (1 per student) - Order-Nr. 138099150
Intermediate cable, 1 m, strain-relieved (1 per Student) - Order-Nr. 138099500
Bridging cable, 3 m, strain relieved - Order-Nr. 138099550
VCDSpro Basiskit - Order-Nr. 38 079 135
PCAN-USB ISO - Order-Nr. 16 900 912
CAN-Testbox - Order-Nr. 16 162 123

Teaching Fields:



Width: 1260 mm, Height: 1900 mm, Depth: 790 mm
Weight: 214 kg
El. supply: 400V 3-phase, 16 A

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This mobile teaching and function stand is equipped with original components of a Common Rail piezo fuel injection (VW), which in accordance with the state of the art are placed as follows in a pedagogically meaningful manner on an
aluminum plate in screen printing fields or symbolically represented:

  • Control unit
  • Ignition switch with immobilizer
  • Fuel pressure sensor
  • Fuel temperature sensor
  • Hot-film air flowmeter HFM 6
  • Charging pressure sensor
  • Aspirated air temperature
  • Coolant temperature sensor
  • Sensor for coolant temperature at exit of radiator
  • RPM sensor
  • Camshaft sensor
  • Lambda probe
  • Sensor 1 and 2 for throttle pedal position
  • Sensor exhaust gas pressure
  • Throttle valve potentiometer
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1, 3 and 4
  • EGR potentiomete
  • Position sensor for charging pressure
  • Potentiometer intake-manifold flap
  • Brake-lightswitch
  • CDI control unit
  • Diagnostic link for standard testers
  • Power supply relay T30
  • Fuel pump relay
  • Relay for fuel pump 2
  • Piezo injection valves
  • Fuel pressure control valve
  • Fuel flow control valve
  • Solenoid valve charging pressure limiting
  • Throttle valve control unit
  • Radiator fan
  • Pump 2 for coolant circulation
  • Heater Lambda probe
  • EGR valve
  • Switching valve for radiator EGR
  • Engine intake-manifold flap

The device is equipped with a transfer module for students' circuit diagram measuring desks and error switchgear.

Teaching Content

  • Naming the entire common-rail engine management components
  • Explaining component interaction
  • Determining connection pins at components and control unit according to problem
  • Determining target values depending on operating situation
  • Using OBD diagnosis tools common for the workshop
  • Measuring and assessing sensor signals and actuator control voltages
  • Recording CAN-bus signals with the oscilloscope and assessing voltage level
  • Making screen-shots of all signals, all control voltages and the CAN data-bus with a digital oscilloscope and storing them for customer-specific documentations
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