Chassis Technology

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Adjustable wishbone
Adjustable wishbonePrinciple of suspension and damping. compression changes track width and camber. ..
Dynamic steering trapeze
Dynamic steering trapezeThe wheel at the outside of a curve has a larger steer angle (e.g. for sport..
Electric power steering
Electric power steeringThe torsion rod is rotated by the steering wheel being turned..The signals fr..
Electronic damper control
Electronic damper control-moving the shock-absorber piston -function of the valves (they open and cl..
Electronically controlled hydraulic power steering
Electronically controlled hydraulic power steering-turning the torsion bar -the valve pistons in mot..
Fifth-wheel steering, axle-pivot steering
Fifth-wheel steering, axle-pivot steeringWhen both steerings are operated, the differing wheel base ..
Four-wheel steering
Four-wheel steering-it is possible to tilt all wheels to show the principle of a four-wheel steering..
Homokinetic joint
Homokinetic jointball joint: large inclination angle, without length compensation. pot joint: smalle..
Hydropneumatic suspension
Hydropneumatic suspensionthe diaphragm of the suspension element and the piston are moved by wheel c..
Kingpin inclination castor
Kingpin, inclination, castorLeft: adjustment and observation of various kingpin and inclination angl..
Kingpin offset
Kingpin offsetRight: positive, zero and negative kingpin offsetLeft: kingpin offset effect: positive..
Leaf spring with self-steering axle
Leaf spring (PC) with self-steering axleWhen the wheel to the outside of the turn is compressed, the..
Mc Pherson strut
Mc Pherson strutcompression changes track width and camber..
Multi-disk differential lock
Multi-disk differential lockAbove all, four-wheel all-terrain vehicles now use electrically operated..
Multi-link suspension
Multi-link suspension with a multi-link suspension, a unilateral brake force causes a torsion of th..
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