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Altitude sensor
Altitude sensorWith the help of a lever on which there is a cam, the altitude capsule can be spread..
Auxiliary bypass valve
Auxiliary bypass valveThe additional air slide as a bypass. Function of the bimetal. Operation of t..
Belt drive
Belt drive
Belt drivesimple and double belt drive reversing the direction of rotation when belts are crossed ..
Calliper gauge
Calliper gauge design of a caliper gauge four different vernier scales can be read (1/10 mm, 1..
Centrifugal advance device of a distributor
Centrifugal advance device of a distributor-function of the centrifugal weights -function of the ret..
Charging a battery
Charging a battery-discharged battery; charging procedure; charged battery; discharging the battery ..
CommutatorPrinciple of a direct-current (DC) motor and a commutator.The magnetic field turns with t..
Connection diagram of a feed control
Connection diagram of a feed control directional control valves, pistons and check valve can be mo..
Decision elements AND-OR-NOT
Decision elements AND-OR-NOT a cylinder is triggered from two sides only one cylinder should b..
Dial indicator
Dial indicator
Dial indicator all interactions in a dial gauge can be shown indication of full and hundredth ..
Die-casting machine
Die-casting machine
Die-casting machineThe following functions can be shown: filling the dies by displacing the pressu..
Digital measuring unit I
Digital measuring unit Imethod of functioning of a digital measuring unit. control via a 7-character..
Digital measuring unit II
Digital measuring unit IIConversion of the binary number at the input of the decoder into a decimal..
Directional valves (schematic and drawing)
Directional valves (schematic and drawing) the two valves are connected in a way they can move tog..
Eccentric press with stroke adjustment
Eccentric press with stroke adjustment
Eccentric press with stroke adjustmentfunctions: stroke of press slide. adjusting the stroke by m..
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