Drive Train

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4-speed front transmission (VW Golf)
Four-speed front trans-mission (VW Golf)-Layout of the entire transmission. -Front, upper part and r..
4-speed transmission (tech.lab.)
Four-speed transmission, suited for the technology labFunctions: shifting all gears synchronization ..
4-speed transmission with differential
Four-speed transmission with differentialPossible demonstrations: -Shifting all gears. -Function of ..
5-speed automatic transmission
Five-speed automatic transmission, electronically controlledcut-outs are: front and rear housing cre..
5-speed front transmission (VW Golf)
Five-speed front trans-mission (VW Golf)Layout of the entire transmission front, upper part and rear..
5-speed transmission with differential
Five-speed transmission with differentialDemonstration: -shifting all gears. -Synchromesh. -Function..
ABC (active body control) Suspension Strut
ABC (active body control) suspension strutActive suspension and attenuation system with hydraulic cy..
Adjustable differential
Adjustable differentialThis differential has been prepared in such a way that both the crown wheel ..
Assembly of a Borg-Warner synchromesh
Borg-Warner synchromeshMain shaft stub, mounted on stands, for dismantling and assembly of two gears..
Assembly of a Porsche synchromesh
Porsche synchromeshMain shaft stub, mounted on stands, for dismantling and assembly of two gears, in..
Assembly of complete main shaft
Assembly of complete main shaftA complete main shaft with drive shaft has been prepared so that it c..
Assembly set: 5-speed transmission
Five-speed transmission assembly modelThis assembly model is well-suited for student's self-study. W..
Assembly set: Borg Warner
Students assembly set - Borg Warner synchromeshincludes the following: 5 different main shaft stubs,..
Assembly set: Main shafts
Students assembly set, main shaftsincludes the following: 5 main shafts - different makes (Daimler-B..
Automatic sequential six-gear transmission (MB)
Automatic sequential six-gear transmission (DB)The automated, sequential six-gear transmission devel..
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