Brake Technology

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Air compressor
Air compressorFunction of the crankshaft drive -function of the valves..
Air dryer
Air dryer-function of the various valves -function of the granulate -granulate regeneration..
Automatic water drain valve
Automatic water drain valve lifting of the valve’s body condensed water collection cambering of th..
Automatic-load-dependent brake force regulator ALB
Automatic load-dependent brake power distributorFunction of the control lever -release, partial-load..
Brake coupling head
Brake coupling headFunctions: clutch engagement, de-clutching seal function function of the claws on..
Brake master cylinder
Single main brake cylinderDemonstration: sliding the pressure rod piston closing the pressure chambe..
Brake pressure reducer
Brake pressure reducerFunction: Movement of stepped piston to reduce brake pressure..
Brake pressure regulator
Brake pressure regulatorFunction: Movement of stepped piston and actuation of conical-seat valve..
Coupling head, brake air pressure
Coupling head, brake air pressureFunctions: clutch engagement, de-clutching seal function function o..
Diaphragm cylinder
Diaphragm cylinder-connection of both housing sections -splitting up of housing in two chambers by m..
Disc brake with parking brake
Disc brake with parking brakeCutaway are: brake callipers, brake piston, adjustment mechanism. The f..
Double-acting compressed air cylinder
Double-acting compressed air cylinderCompressed air cylinders are often used in commerical vehicles,..
Drum brake with brake drum
Drum brake with brake drumThe brake drum and the wheel cylinder are substantially cut away. The bra..
Dual-circuit service-brake valve
Operating brake valve 1Demonstration: -movement of the graduating and control piston -opening and cl..
Fixed-calliper disc brake
Fixed calliper disc brake with 4 brake plungers function of sealing ring and plunger automatic readj..
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