Automotive Inverter Trainer

Automotive Inverter Trainer

Brand: Thepra
Product Code: 112020310
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The inverter, also called power electronics, converts the DC voltage of the high-voltage battery into AC voltage for the electric motor. The innovative laboratory trainer allows detailed investigation of this conversion and control of an electric motor.

  • At a glance
  • Features
  •   Large didactically designed engine and color printed, clear presentation of the transistor circuit
  •   Manual mode: Individual on and off switching of the transistors in the inverter
  •   Automatic mode: precise control of the drive to a standstill
  •   LED's in each of the three phases indicate the direction of current to and from the engine - and thus the magnetization of the coil
  •   LED's in each transistor indicate the status
  •   Voltage measurement points in the three phases including additional current-measuring points with an integrated shunt, measuring socket in starpoint
  •   Low voltage for safe handling
  • Learning Objectives
  •   acquire knowledge about the interaction of the electronic components in the inverter and electric motor
  •   pressing the switches in the correct order will move the motor gradually to work out the basic function
  •   deepen your expertise to optimally adjust oscilloscopes and evaluate the presentations
  •   represent pulse width modulated signals and sinusoidal waveforms in detail with the oscilloscope, also between individual phases
  • Equipment
  •   Laboratory trainer in console housing for use on the table or in A4 supporting frame
  •   1 x signal generator with precision regulator
  •   1 x key switch for selecting the mode
  •   6 x pushbutton for IGBT transistors, 6 x two-color LED for status indication
  •   9 x test sockets, 4 x sockets for power supply with 12V
  •   detailed documentation and extensive worksheets for teachers and students

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 12 Volt DC
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 297 x 266 x 110 mm
  • Weight: about 4 kg

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