Automotive Electric Motors Trainer

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This training system consists of the table model and the corresponding e-learning course. The practice course modules deepen and complement the theory modules in a unique way.

This unit teaches the basic knowledge of electrical machines. The electric motors and generators that are relevant in automotive technology are built functioning and transparent. All operating parameters can be measured in a safe voltage range of <24 V.

Courseware: theory and measurement tasks "Structure and function of the electric motor"

  • e-learning module "Electric motors - permanent magnet - Introduction" (EU Stage 2)
  • e-learning module "Electric motors - series-wound motor - Introduction" (EU Stage 2)
  • e-learning module "Electric motors - three-phase asynchronous motor - Introduction" (EU Stage 2)
  • e-learning module "Electric motors - synchronous AC motor - Introduction" (EU Stage 2)
  • 4 e-learning modules "Generators" of different types (EU Stage 3)


  • 1x three-phase control with speed
  • 3x coil (250 turns) with pole shoe
  • 2x permanent magnet with pole shoe
  • 1x rotor with permanent magnet
  • 1x rotor electromagnet
  • 1x short circuit anchor
  • 1x centering ring
  • 1x carbon brush holder
  • 1x drive belt
  • 1x power supply
  • 1x drive unit
  • 2x multimeter
  • 1x set of measuring cables

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