Air Conditioning - Electronically Controlled

Air Conditioning - Electronically Controlled

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Note: This product will be further developed. Photos and description refer to the current version. We reserve the right to deliver the new version when ordering.

Operation, function and maintenance can be developed using practical examples. Can be moved on lab cart 125, with transfer module for student circuit diagram measuring desks / error switchgear. This teaching and function stand can be used to explain and examine all Specifications, conditions, errors and measuring values as in the original system.


  • Climatronic, original VW components
  • Set-up in the base cabinet, cabinet surface and aluminium front plate with symbolic representation in screen print fields
  • Set-up and symbolic representation in the IPO principle with screen-print fields on aluminium front plate
  • 4 mm measuring sockets on front plate for measuring according to original circuit diagram
  • Compact device build, can be moved for lab and workshop practice
  • Compressor permanently powered
  • Service connections easily accessible
  • Up to 20 uncoupled student-circuitdiagram-measuring desks with error switchgear
  • 24 experiments with teacher/student work documents
  • Can be diagnosed via OBD interface
  • Detailed accompanying documents / manual and CD

Experimental and Demonstration Possibilities

  • Monitoring of the power supply
  • Monitoring of the sensors
  • Monitoring of the actuators
  • Influence of the sensors on the actuators
  • Recording and evaluation of the control of the actuators according to the input information
  • Self-diagnosis via error read-out device (original tester)
  • Measurement of pressure and temperature in low and high pressure coolant circuit


The electric motor, cold compressor, capacitor with fan and liquid container are built into the base cabinet. The air distribution housing with air intake shaft, fan motor, servo motors for the operation of the flaps, sensors and evaporator units are installed on the base cabinet.

The original components or the corresponding potentiometers, switches, LED's and digital display devices are mounted in clear view on the aluminium board / front panel or represented by a screen print and labeled. All control device PINs are connected in parallel to 4 mm test sockets and led through the front panel. They are logically arranged with ECU pin description according to component.

The coolant circuit is also schematically represented on the front panel. The air conditioning is switched on via the ignition switch. The individual operating conditions are adjusted or read from the control device with operating and display unit. The pressures and temperatures in the capacitor and evaporator are displayed on digital measuring devices. The various air outlet temperatures (left, right) on the air outlet nozzles can be achieved via an electronic heating element. The air outlet temperatures on the air distribution housing are displayed on digital measuring devices. The maintenance connections are original and, therefore, available for the filling station.

Supplementary Equipment:

Measuring point decoupler, 32 measurements - Order-Nr. 138099050
Error switchgear, up to 60 errors, any combination possible - Order-Nr. 138099085
Circuit diagram base plate / student's measuring stand (1 per student) - Order-Nr. 138099100
Circuit diagram mask, specifically for circuit diagram board (1 per student) - Order-Nr. 138099150
Intermediate cable, 1 m, strain-relieved (1 per Student) - Order-Nr. 138099500
Bridging cable, 3 m, strain relieved - Order-Nr. 138099550


Width: 1260 mm, Height: 1900 mm, Depth: 790 mm
Weight: 214 kg
El. supply: 400V 3-phase, 16 A

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  • ignition switch
  • outlet temperature left
  • outlet temperature right
  • outlet temperature footspace
  • outside temperature °C
  • fresh air temperature °C
  • sunshine exposure left, right
  • engine temperature > 118 °C
  • thermostatic switch fan coolant
  • pressure switch air conditioning
  • supplementary heating
  • auxiliary heating
  • temperature sensor
  • vehicle speed km/h
  • engine speed rpm
  • potentiometer air recirculation flap
  • potentiometer defroster flap
  • potentiometer temperature flap left
  • potentiometer central and footell flap


  • control unit for electronically controlled
  • air conditioning
  • input stages
  • microprocessor and memory
  • output stages
  • diagnosis connection


  • relay fan I coolant
  • relay fan II coolant
  • engine coolant
  • engine fresh air blower
  • relay magnetic coupling
  • magnetic coupling
  • compressor on/off control idling control
  • servo motor fresh air / air-recirculating flap
  • servo motor defroster flap
  • servo motor temperature flap left
  • servo motor temperature flap right
  • servo motor central and footwell flap
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