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Planetary gear train assembly set
Dismantling of the planetary gear train. Assembly of the planetary gear train. Assembly diagram supp..
Door Module - proline
Door Module - proline
Optional component to Lighting Board Central Electrics CAN-Bus wired. The driver's door is mounted ..
Load Unit
The device must be connected to the vehicle battery. Up to 10 glow plugs can be connected to the loa..
T-VARIA Electric Mirror
The mirror can be quickly and easily attached to the T-VARIA panel Door Module with CAN Bus (order n..
Track Laser Measuring Device
This laser device shows its true strengths in the workshop every day. Whether after repair jobs, the..
Training Box Digital Tachograph
Training Box Digital Tachograph
The educational training box is based on OEM components. Fully functional system is specially design..
Circuit Diagram Mask
Design specific per teaching system. Anodized aluminum, labeled with screenprint, scratch and solven..
E-Learning Server Package
E-Learning Server Package
Electude is the most comprehensive and effective automotive e-learning solution currently available...
High Voltage Accessory Set
High Voltage Accessory Set
Everything on the site! The appropriate set of accessories for safe working on high-voltage vehicles..
Measuring Value Decoupler
The opto-electronic decoupler is wired-in between the measuring value system and the students' measu..
Students Measuring Desk
Students Measuring Desk
The 4 mm sockets are intended for measuring value retrieval. One measuring desk consists of: the uni..
Universal Error Switchgear
Universal Error Switchgear
The universal error switchgear is connected to the computer unit or the measuring-value supplying sy..
VCD-Spro Base Kit
Diagnosis system for VAG models from 1992 to current model series Extent of Supply HEX+CAN USB i..
10 Fault / Fault Board fitted
This fault board with 10 errors maybe integrated in some of our trainers where indicated with pre-de..
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